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If you want to push your website higher up in google’s ranks and hit page one, every SEO knows that you need to add url to google to index your backlinks. In recent days, indexing your backlinks has become more difficult with all the changes google has made. Using an effective backlinks indexer is critical in todays race for the number one spot in google. If you are not on page one of google, then you are knowhere in the serps. You still need to submit websites to google, if you want to make any progress.

Submit url to google, or or you will never make any progress

Google is always making changes to the way it ranks websites. One thing that has stayed the same though, is that indexing backlinks do matter.  The more backlinks that point to a website, the higher it ranks. As SEO’s, we have to continually find new ways of getting our backlinks into google’s index. It’s getting harder, and recently google made changes it’s submit tool. The submit tool is basically a dead tool now, so we have to use other methods of backlink submission.

We have to do this safely and in such a way as not to offend google. If we use add url to google using the webmaster submit tool and try and force google to index our backlinks, google will of course reject the backlink. However we can offer our backlinks to google in such a way, that if the backlink is decent, google will index it.

Add url to google means to index your backlinks

Does this Indexer actually index your backlinks?

The answer is yes it does. It won’t index every backlink you put through it. That’s impossible. Its down to google what it will index. But if you miss the google’s submit tool which doesn’t seem to work anymore, then this is an ideal replacement. Backlinks can index in a matter of minutes. We see index times, anything from 10 minutes to 12 hours, just depends on the types of backlinks. This Indexer makes the add url to google function real again.

Don’t take our word for it, try it free of charge.

We give you the chance to put upto 500 backlinks through the indexer for free. We do a 500 backlink trial, so the software can remain on your computer for as long as it takes. When testing the indexer, put as many varied links and domains through it, not just a handfull of links from the same domain and then say it does not work.

Submit to google index, or your backlinks will never count

How does the trial work?

  • First download and install the windows software on your computer.
  • Click the ‘Buy Licence’ button, which will generate a unique key code.
  • Copy the keycode and then fill out the following form.
  • This will send us the keycode, and we will return a free license to you for testing.
  • We will also give you a free api capcha key for the test as well.
  • Click for your free trial today, no credit card, or paypal details needs.

It’s as simple as that.

We now include 30 days of free capcha with all new purchases, ideal for testing.

Results of the indexer, percentage of indexing!

In our recent tests of the indexer, we had extremely varied results. The results depend on types of backlinks, and content built upon them, and also an extremely important point is, is the content well spun?. Typical index percentages we see for the following products that we test are below,

  • GSA SER, because you can choose the domains, typically 50-60% will index. and we can normally see results in less 2 hrs.
  • MoneyRobot, why does everyone use MoneyRobot for their backlinks? We see 1000’s of links from this platform. The answer is of course, that MoneyRobot is easier and quicker to set up compared to GSA SER. It’s the lazy mans way to produce backlinks. Indexing rates can be from 10% to 80%, depends on the spun quality. Beware the internal spinner is not that great, as we have seen whole paragraphs not spun properly. If you want better results on this platform, use an external spinner.
  • Rankerx, just like MoneyRobot, uses fixed domains to build on. Vary the links and you can get over 50% index rate normally.

Conclusion: So with the indexing rate, a lot depends on how they are built of course, but indexing rates generally are quite high, and indexing times, anywhere from 1-12 hours. If you find you have low indexing rates, consider changing the content built on them, or the domains, simple as that.

Indexing rates close to 70% within an hour.

add url to google indexer


Get your 500 backlink trial here

submit site to google


“To make any progress at all, you need to add website to google

Download the completely free 500 backlink trial and test the indexer. No credit card needed, no PayPal needed, no details except an email address.

Don’t forget, test the indexer properly by putting through as many different domains as possible, not just the same domains, with different content. If you still want to index backlinks into google, you need to adjust the way you build backlinks. If you do this, it’s still possible to index backlinks quickly and in bulk, just like the old days of add url to google.

add url to google

How do I use the Indexer?

Make sure you have a capcha key API key loaded and saved in the Indexer. Either use 2capcha, or our own capcha key. They work the same, except ours comes free with the trial. We can also supply capcha if you purchase the Indexer.

Easy to use, one click of a button. Select the text file that you give it. The text file will include your backlinks. The indexer will first test capcha access, then will load the backlinks, and run through the submission process in batches of 200. Each run will last about 10 minutes for each batch. Wait about and hour and test for indexing. If they don’y index straight away, try again an hour or two later. It’s all about catching the googlebot to add url to google.

Check out the video below.

Heres our Disclaimer: We give a free trial of this software. Download and test it. There are no refunds after purchase because we allow you to test the software thoroughly before purchase. The indexer works, but google is always changing things. What may work today, may not work next week, or next year if google changes things yet again, however they may not change it again for years.

Here you can purchase a LifeTime unlimited licence at just $75.00 Dollars, click the buy now button.

submit url to google


Before purchase download the Backlinks Indexer and install first. Click the Buy Button, and this will generate a code. Copy this code. When going to the PayPal Purchase form, there is a box to paste this code into. Then Purchase.

submit website to google

We will generate the licence and send it back to you. Copy and paste this returned license into the app by pressing UnlockApp and then press the Validate button. We will return your licence within 24hrs.

submit url to google search engine

The Indexer is now fully licenced and will run without any limits. If you experience any problems, we are here to sort them out, just contact us.

Some Common Questions and answers below.

  • Are there any limitations of the application? There are no limitations at all. Index as many links as you want.
  • What types of links can it index? The indexer can index all types of links, it makes no difference on the type.
  • Do I need capcha’s Yes capcha is needed for submission. We now include the use of 2Caphcha  and our own capcha service, for better submission rate and testing.
  • With all new purchases, including the 500 url trial, our include our very own api capcha key. If purchased we give you 500 capcha’s per day, and for testing during the trial 500 capchas.
  • Are proxies needed? No proxies are  needed for the current version of the software.
  • Windows 10,8,7 compatible.
  • Can I have more than 1 copy on my computer at the same time? No, only 1 one copy can be used, on any computer at the same time.
  • Is the indexer fast? The Indexer submits in batches of 200. You can run the Indexer all day. This is faster than using the add url to google function.

Good Indexing.

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