There appears miniature Bali in the heart of Sapa

With a series of unique virtual live wallpapers submerged amidst the scenery of cloudy mountains, the new complex in Sapa (Lao Cai) will help you have an exciting new year trip.

There appears miniature Bali in the heart of Sapa

The complex includes coffee, homestay, check-in point about 500 meters from Sa Pa stone church, which is the most searched destination on social networks. Du lịch Cửa Lò Nghệ An The spacious, airy campus with many virtual living corners similar to the tourist paradise of Bali is the reason why this place makes many young people curious and want to come.

The air is fresh and cool all year round, combining beautiful mountain views, this place is suitable for families, groups to visit and resort. The tourist area is open to visitors from the middle of January. The ticket price is 80,000 VND / person with drinks. You can hire costumes that match the context to create the perfect picture.

The integrated area offers visitors a variety of ideal “rattan” photos from the infinity pool, swing to the mid-air bed without diving to Bali. With just a flash of mind and the right outfit, you will create many impressive, ecstatic photos.

With many brilliant corners in Bali, this place promises to be a brand new destination to attract young people to check-in in the future. You can stay at the accommodation for 1 million VND / night in a room surrounded by large glass windows. Du lịch phong Nha Kẻ Bàng However, on travel forums, visitors said the minus point of this place is the space inside the room is not shimmering, lacking in sophistication because the interior is not used in sync.

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