The irresistible beauty of the land of Kien Giang

Kien Giang is like a miniature Vietnam with rich and diverse natural conditions including forests, mountains, rivers, streams, long beaches, many beautiful beaches, hundreds of islands and many famous landscapes.

The irresistible beauty of the land of Kien Giang

Diverse landscapes like Vietnam miniature

Speaking of Kien Giang, the most prominent highlight in the hearts of the four directions is a land of sea with beautiful island landscapes, green forests.

Kien Giang also has dozens of mountains, widely distributed in Ha Tien, Phu Quoc, Kien Hai, Kien Luong and Hon Dat. Tour du lịch giá rẻ It is also favored by nature, bestowed with beautiful hills and mountains covered with green trees. A special feature is that the land is located close to the sea, creating a scenery of the sea and islands combined with beautiful hills and mountains to attract tourists.

With the strengths of the islands and islands, the province develops a tourism development project divided into four key areas including Phu Quoc, Ha Tien – Kien Luong, Rach Gia – Kien Hai – Hon Dat and U Minh Thuong. Three-quarters of the tourism areas (except U Minh Thuong) give priority to developing island and hill sea tourism.

Besides islands, hills and mountains, Kien Giang is also very attractive to tourists with the scenery of the countryside with Du lịch miền tây , golden rice fields, early-season fields. Many visitors enjoy this. They believe that few places in the country have sea islands and plains with vast rice fields.

It would be flawed not to mention the smooth rivers in Kien Giang. River in the field, or on the island. The characteristics of the rivers in Kien Giang are quite calm water, silhouettes of houses and trees along the river.

Urban sea shimmering night lights

Rach Gia is the economic and political center of Kien Giang. This is one of the richest and busiest cities in the West. Coming here, many people cannot help being surprised when the reclamation area in Rach Gia City has become a spacious new urban area, with many expected to be the typical marine urban area of ​​the whole country.

At present, Rach Gia City has established two polder areas with a total area of ​​about 520 hectares, settling land for more than 60,000 people. Along with that, this reclamation area has been implementing construction of public works, squares, hospitals, schools, entertainment places …

In addition, Phu Quoc has been planned and is developing into a marine economic zone – a center of high-class, regional and international eco-tourism, resorts and entertainment centers.

With natural landscapes and great geographical conditions, along with recent years’ efforts in renovating mechanisms and policies, propaganda, investment promotion and construction of tourism infrastructure calendar, urban infrastructure … Phu Quoc island is becoming the center of attraction for tourists, as well as domestic and international investors.

Who has passed Ha Tien, surely inevitably fluttered by the beauty of this land. Tour du lịch nước ngoài giá rẻ Ha Tien used to go to poetry and music, which is a beautiful and beautiful land many people want to find and explore.

Ha Tien is famous for charming scenes such as Thach Dong, Da Dung, Mui Nai, Dong Ho lagoon, Binh San mountain … With beautiful scenery, Ha Tien attracts millions of visitors each year, ranking second in Kien province. Giang (just behind Phu Quoc).

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