The beauty of famous cherry blossom forest in Thailand

From January to January each year, Chiang Mai (Thailand) attracts tourists thanks to the magical beauty of the blooming cherry forest.

The beauty of famous cherry blossom forest in Thailand

Chiang Mai (Thailand) is not only famous for its unique sky lantern festival. Du lịch Sài Gòn Đà Nẵng Bà Nà At the beginning of the new year, this place turns into a fairy land with the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming brilliantly pink. To admire the beauty of Chiang Mai cherries, visitors should come here from January to February each year.

From Bangkok, travelers can travel to Chiang Mai by domestic air in an hour’s flight. Cherry blossom valley is more than 30 km from central Chiang Mai. The place with the most naturally occurring flowers is along the slope of Doi Suthep.

Cherry blossoms in Thailand bloom earlier than many other locations. Du lịch Sài Gòn Cà Mau By the end of February, flowers begin to fade. Therefore, tourists should take advantage of the time in mid-January to come to Chiang Mai to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In Chiang Mai, there are many famous cherry blossom viewing spots. You can visit Doi Angkhang hill, an agricultural research center (belonging to Chiang Mai University) located on Baan Khun Chang Kian plateau, Khun Wang Royal agricultural research center …

After checking in with cherry blossoms, visitors can enlist to enjoy the spring beauty in the northern mountains of Thailand. Doi Khun Mae Ya Park, Inthanon National Park, Doi Suthep Pagoda … are interesting destinations in Chiang Mai you can refer to.

Not only showing the vibrant pink, you can see the cherry mixed with white and light pink named the Tiger Queen when coming to Chiang Mai.

Instead of spending big money to visit Japan or South Korea to see cherry, Du lịch Côn Đảo giá rẻ you can admire the natural beauty of this flower in the Thai mountainous forests with more economical cost.

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