The beauty immersed in the Golden Gate Bridge of the United States

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA) is a famous symbol in the flag of origin. Mist often appears to become an image associated with this bridge.

The beauty immersed in the Golden Gate Bridge of the United States

New wonders of the world, suicide symbol

For a long time, scholars have studied and found seven wonders of the ancient world. This list has mostly disappeared for various reasons, leaving only the pyramid of Giza (Egypt). Du lịch Sài Gòn Bình Châu Hồ Cốc The modern world wonder polls have been initiated by many organizations. Although there is no official list, Golden Gate Bridge is also recognized as a modern world wonder – according to ASCE (American Association of Civil Engineers).

In 1937, Golden Gate Bridge was officially completed, becoming the longest suspension bridge in the world (main span 1,280 m, height 227 m). Since then, many other suspension bridges have surpassed the Golden Gate Bridge. However, this bridge is still considered an important symbol of San Francisco. Golden Gate is not only historical but also associated with suicides.

A number of media channels have named this bridge into the list of “The most famous suicide spots in the world”. The first person to commit suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge was Harold Wobber, 47. The case took place only 3 months after the bridge was inaugurated. Based on calculations, many studies determine the force of the jump from this bridge is like “the collision between speeding truck crashed into the building”. Du lịch Sài Gòn Kiên Giang The rate of “successful” suicide may be higher than 98%. To end this deadly symbol, the government has built suicide nets, adding hotlines to respond promptly.

Fanciful under the mist

Referring to San Francisco, many people will imagine in the beginning a white scene when the city on the Pacific coast is submerged under the mist. Some businesses also think of ways to sell “canned fog” so tourists can keep a memory of the city.

When San Francisco is in fog, the famous Golden Gate Bridge is no exception. From a distance, the Golden Gate Bridge is like being swallowed by white mist. This bridge has a separate path for pedestrians during the day. Visitors are advised to wear additional coats even on summer days because the wind on the bridge is very strong.

To be able to “hunt” the fog, the best time is in the summer, around June to August. Du lịch Sài Gòn Đà Lạt Nha Trang The fog appears thickest in the early morning and disappears when the afternoon is almost gone. Mist crept through the highest points of the Golden Gate Bridge and then progressed into San Francisco Bay …

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