Reputable and professional dog training address in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to Trung Duc, you do not have to worry or fear that your dog will be beaten, scolded, dirty or starved. With over 10 years of operation, the center always puts its prestige and responsibility on top.

– A trainer with more than 10 years of experience teaching dogs. They know how to familiarize and guide dogs in simple to advanced movements.

– Large central space, with private accommodation and private practice.

– When dogs come to the center, they will be given a health examination and full immunization.

– Eat a diet with enough nutrients with 3 meals a day.

– Accommodation for dogs is clean and airy.

At the center said no to the dog beating. So you can feel secure when bringing your dog to the center.

Currently the center is training dogs with more than 40 dogs from Alaska, Husky dog ​​to Poodle, Phoc, Corgi, Labrador ….

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