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Providing Ho Chi Minh City Freight Service with Reasonable Prices, Professional Workers. Good Health and Many Years of Experience, Site Surveys, Quotations, Service Advice.

Boc xep hang hoa  Dai Nam is proud to service  loading  reputation, is the partner of many businesses. Households need to load and unload goods. Workforce is deployed and closely monitored in a closed process. Bring more time-saving utilities for customers. Dai Nam is committed to providing the best quality and cheapest loading service.

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Our company is proud to take the young workforce as the core. With professionalism and high responsibility.

Ho Chi Minh City flower arranging service with warranty

Flower delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City provides loading and unloading services to all provinces and cities in Vietnam with professional staff dedicated service

Dich vu boc xep transport up and down containers; Service of loading and unloading at private houses, warehouses, seaports, airports, car terminals … Receiving packing, dismantling. Labor Rental.

Manually loading and unloading the following goods:

– Sort of agricultural products, seafood.

–  Boc xep  commodity  as required.

– Goods at warehouses and workshops

– Loading and unloading goods at supermarkets, technological equipment.

– Construction materials and equipment.

– Goods and luggage for tourists at airports and ports.

– Loading and unloading of trucks and containers of all kinds.

– Hiring loading and unloading workers by day or time.

– Receive loading and unloading goods on a monthly or orders basis.

– Hire technical workers to dismantle, assemble and direct the technique.

– Moving package, warehouse package

– Loading and unloading at home, at the company, at the warehouse, seaport, bus station, dock …

– Boc xep other on request.

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Loading and unloading goods – Dai Nam Loading and unloading company

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