Dai Nam cargo handling service 2020

We carry out the service in an advanced process, the steps are very scientific.

After receiving the service request from the customer, we will follow these steps:

Dai Nam cargo handling service process

  • Survey, location, type of goods, volume of goods, … then proceed to quote. The factors to quote include: distance of transport, volume and type of goods, travel or easy … separately for large, bulky goods, especially staff will advise the optimal way best for customers.
  • The customer agrees that the fee will proceed to make a contract and confirm the use of the service.
  • Starting the process of loading and unloading, before loading and unloading goods will be carefully classified and packed
  • Bep xep and move to the location as required, to optimize, depending on each type of goods will use loading and unloading personnel or use machinery and equipment to perform
  • When the work is done, our customers and customers will proceed to accept and liquidate the contract

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