Beautiful image of ecstatic morning at Tuyen Lam Lake

The magic of the dew particles still lingering on the grass, water fluttering in the mist spreading the dawn to paint the scene of pure and romantic Tuyen Lam lake that shook people’s hearts.

Beautiful image of ecstatic morning at Tuyen Lam Lake

About 7 km from the center of Da Lat (Lam Dong), along the direction of Highway 20 to Prenn Pass, Tuyen Lam Lake covers an area of ​​about 320 hectares with poetic scenery from the clear blue water, small oases and green pine forests. . Du lịch Phú Yên – Quy Nhơn The largest freshwater lake in the country of thousands of flowers was recognized as a National Historical – Cultural Monument in 1998.

A blend of rivers and streams, mountains, hills and primeval forests, the natural picture of Tuyen Lam Lake is peaceful, peaceful and simple. The tranquility here as bringing visitors lost in another world, the elegant and poetic paradise, away from the dirt and noise of the town.

In 1987, Lam Dong Irrigation Corporation built a lake to block the Tia stream called Quang Trung, later renamed Tuyen Lam lake. Tuyen is a stream, and Lam is a forest. Tuyen Lam means where rivers, streams and mountains meet together. According to the theory of the five elements, aquatic plants, Tuyen Lam is also a place where everything begins to live and multiply.

Early in the morning, the fog filled the lake to increase the illusion and mystery of Tuyen Lam painting. Du lịch vùng núi Tây Bắc Rays of sunlight shimmering through the mist, illuminating the lake create more poetic, imbued with love as a poem elaborating every word of the poet who loves pure beauty.

In addition to the pristine beauty of the emerald lake between the primitive pine forest, Tuyen Lam became more attractive to the flooded forest in the early morning mist. The wetland forest at this lake branch is the “creative” point of many photographers. Spring, the rows of porridge trees sprout young, glistening silhouette, undulating on the lake.

On the first day of the cold spring, the still white lake of mist color becomes vivid, more soulful with the lonely tree, the boatman and the light boat make a beautiful landscape like the ancient ink painting.

Visitors to Tuyen Lam Lake can walk or relax on the grass around the lake and relax according to the liberal landscape. Du lịch Sài Gòn Mộc Châu The morning dew that still lingers on the grass is also a poetic angle for photographers to compose and capture the morning.

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