7 famous predatory pagodas in Vietnam

If you are lonely and want to find yourself a chance to “escape”. Come to these famous temples immediately to pray for favorable conditions.

7 famous predatory pagodas in Vietnam

Chua Ha (Hanoi)

With the name of Thanh Duc Tu, Ha Pagoda and Dinh Boi Ha formed a cluster of communal vestige – Ha pagoda. Tour du lịch nước ngoài khởi hành từ Tphcm For a long time, the people of Ha Thanh considered the temple as a place to pray, even though Ha pagoda is not a place to worship Ong To and Nguyet. Come to Ha Pagoda at any occasion, especially on the occasion of Tet holiday or the full moon day, the 1st, you will see a large number of young men and women come here to pray for beautiful love.

Duyen Ninh Pagoda (Ninh Binh)

Is an ancient temple also known as Cau Duyen Pagoda. In ancient times, Duyen Ninh Tu was the playing place of princesses in Dinh Le period. It is the origin of the princesses, the ancient happy family that later, the temple became a religious point that attracts many people to pray for good fortune. Especially can not fail to mention the predestined and self-infertile children.

Bac Le Temple (Lang Son)

The people of Lang Son have always believed that the temple of Cong Dong Bac Le is the most sacred love temple in Lang country as well as in Vietnam. Tour du lịch Sài Gòn Củ Chi Therefore, those who love affair everywhere in the country often come here to pray in hopes of finding happiness for themselves.

Jade Emperor Pagoda (HCMC)

Jade Emperor Pagoda is not only one of the sacred temples but also a famous place of love. People believe that just coming to heart, praying and touching Mr. To and Mrs. Nguyet’s statue will bring you more love.

Indian Lady Pagoda (HCMC)

Indian Lady Temple is essentially a Hindu temple of Indian descent dedicated to the god Mariamman. Legend has it that the goddess Mariamman brought abundant crops and fertile soil to the people. Tour du lịch từ Tphcm đến đà nẵng In addition, Indians also think that she also brings prosperity and happiness, so this temple is always crowded with people to visit, especially for prayers.

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