3 temples to pray for sacred love in Japan

Coming to Japan at the beginning of the new year, visitors can visit the temples possessing unique architecture, which is a sacred place to pray.

Ancient Kasugataisha Temple

3 temples to pray for sacred love in Japan

Nara is not only known as the home of sacred deer but also famous for  the ancient Kasugataisha temple . Du lịch miền tây The temple was built in 768 and has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple possesses unique ancient architecture, around the temple often appears deer walking.

The Meoto Daikokusha sub temple in Kasugataisha Shrine is a place to pray for sacred love, worshiping the god of marriage. Visitors to the temple can record their wishes on pink wooden cards to pray for a fulfilling and fulfilling couple life.

Yasaka Shrine

Located in the ancient capital of Kyoto, Yasaka temple is visited by many tourists because it is a famous love destination. Du lịch Sài Gòn đến Nam Du The ancient temple was built in 656, for a long time single travelers often come here to find the right center.

Many visitors to the temple often buy lucky white rabbit charms to pray. The Japanese believe that the talisman is an incarnation of the god, bringing luck to the path of love for the mortals. In addition, many people tell each other that rubbing water in Yasaka temple on people will possess beautiful skin and soul.

Ikuta Shrine (Kobe)

Ikuta Shrine (Kobe)  is a place where Wakahirume no mikoto weaves, the god that will make couples happy. Japanese people believe that the god Wakahirume is Mrs. Nguyet of Phu Tang. At the beginning of the year, couples, singles often come here to ask for full love.

Ikuta Shrine is a 10-minute walk from Sannomiya Station (Kobe), one of the famous spiritual tourist spots in Kobe. In addition to visiting Ikuta temple, many tourists want to pray for grace and also visit the northern forest next to the temple, where the sacred pine trees. Du lịch Quy Nhơn 3 ngày 2 đêm Local people believe that the tree god will bring good luck to the prayers especially for the love road.

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